How WallMonkeys increased their conversion rate by 550%

Ecommerce company WallMonkeys increased their conversion rate by 550% using Crazy Egg's heatmaps and A/B testing tools. Here's how they did it!

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WallMonkeys, the world's largest printer of wall decals, wanted to improve the user experience on their homepage. First, they analyzed how site visitors were navigating and responding to their current layout using Crazy Egg heat maps and scroll maps.

Wall Monkeys Heatmap

These insights into customer behavior helped them select a hotspot on the homepage to focus on.

Next, WallMonkeys ran an A/B test, swapping in a more "fun" featured image on their homepage to catch the eye of potential shoppers.

This simple variation netted the ecommerce company a conversion rate increase of 27% - but they didn't stop there.

They ran a second variation against the first, replacing a slider that got minimal clicks on their heatmap with a search bar that they hoped would drive more shopper engagement.

550% increase in their conversion rate!

It did - to the tune of a 550% increase in their conversion rate!

The lesson here is ABT - always be testing.

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